Mini Steppers

If you can appreciate the health benefits of walking up flights of stairs, you will likely understand how a mini stepper can provide a genuinely beneficial workout. Despite its typically compact size, proper use may allow you to work your upper as well as your lower body virtually any time you choose. Even if you are hesitant about investing heavily in workout equipment, you may find this to be an ideal alternative financially. Accordingly, you can tailor a safe but effective workout that may be modified as needed to support the level of physical fitness that is right for you.

Taking a Closer Look

Similar to larger versions, mini varieties can be perfect for getting aerobic workouts while simultaneously toning your core, thighs, and buttocks. Many fitness professionals endorse using these products as a way to tone the body as well. Provided you consult with your physician before beginning an exercise regimen, small steppers may be just what your routine needs.

Min Stepper Benefits

Despite the typically simple design and lack of special features, a mini stepper can help you meet the exercise recommendations espoused by a number of health, fitness, and sports medicine organizations. As long as you place your chosen equipment on a stable surface, follow the setup prompts, and complete an appropriate program, you will likely burn an appreciable amount of calories, strengthen your muscles, and get a satisfying cardiovascular workout. In particular, regular aerobic exercise of this type will lead to:

  • A healthy heart
  • Clear arteries
  • A sculpted lower body

Even without having advanced exercise programs to choose from, your stepping will likely lead to you feeling better about your physical fitness, as you lose unwanted fat and burn excess calories. Additionally, your upper body fitness does not have to suffer, as many varieties come with resistance bands. If your model does not come with resistance bands, you may simply add an appropriate set and methodically work your arms and upper body muscles as well.

Getting Started

Placing your mini stepper on an uncarpeted floor would be ideal in terms of stability, as you will be placing your full weight on the machine once you get started. Once your step equipment is on, you will likely need to enter information such as your weight and age so the computer can calculate the number of calories you burn during your workout. Next you will select your program, and this may be anywhere from a mild workout to an inclined and stronger workout. You may also set your equipment to stop automatically after a specific amount of time. If you are new to stepping, you may want to place your equipment near a wall or sturdy chair in case you need to further steady yourself if bars are not part of the design.

Popular Products

The inherently small size is a large part of the appeal, as a mini stepper may be tucked away easily when not in use or if available space is at a premium. Likewise, the relative affordability only adds to the appeal, as many models sell for no more than one or two hundred dollars at the most. Brookstone, for example, offers the affordable Fold-A-Way Stepper, and the SpaceMate Folding Stepper by Stamina is another good choice if your workout space is used for other purposes when you are not exercising. Additionally, both of these models have supportive handlebars and monitors that will track the number of calories burned, the number of steps taken, and the length of your workout.

While several varieties have consoles, the NordicTrack variety does not reflect your calorie expenditure, but it does record how long you exercise and how many steps you have taken. Somewhat more advanced is the handled iGym Twist product, as this mini stepper will count your steps, track your time, count calories, and track the number of steps you take each minute. If you prefer to work out with exercise bands, the Twist Stepper by Sunny Health and Fitness is likely a worthwhile choice. The bands may be used to do shoulder presses, upright rows, and bicep curls, and they may be used with or without the stepper. Phoenix is another popular manufacturer, and like the aforementioned, offers quality products for less than one hundred dollars.

Additional Considerations

While the simplest models may not be enough of a challenge for everyone, beginners may especially appreciate a slow yet steady pace that still provides a tolerable amount of resistance. Additionally, anyone dealing with leg joint or back problems may prefer such a low impact option as well. More advanced steppers may be better off using more of a premium product, such as one that offers added resistance.

Perhaps most importantly, mini steppers can provide you with a satisfactory cardiovascular workout without resulting in injuries that are common with high impact exercise activities. As you become more adept, you may increase the intensity of even the simplest workout by merely lifting your heals slightly from the foot pads and thus add a bit more pressure on the bottom of your feet. Even without the options that are commonplace with larger machines, you can safely raise your heart rate while you tone your thighs, calves, and buttocks. The pivoting feature of some models will help you further tone your upper legs, and adding upper body motions with the help of resistance bands may be all you need to achieve an impressive level of fitness.